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This is what I came up with to solve my extreme difficulties with the so-called "easier" method of warping my loom. The "easier" method involves getting really close up, poking the yarn through a tight slot in the heddle, grabbing a loop and walking across the room to the peg, then bringing the yarn loop back and poking it through the tight slot again.You will notice that this requires alternation of a big physical motion with tiny detail work. That generally causes people to ignore ergonomic concerns to maximize efficiency. However if I could cut all the yarns first, then fish them through the heddle, I would take the time to position my tools and equipment optimally for my use. 

With that in mind I repurposed a yarn swift, which normally holds the giant loops of yarn one buys from the store because only low-quality yarn is sold in a ready-to-use format, to give me a 100" long yarn path using 9 pegs instead of the regular 4. My method owes something to string art and I feel like I have invented something, even though this is the regular method most people use if they have a real loom. Most people own a specific device called a warping board; many of which cost hundreds of dollars and are difficult to store. Mine comes apart easily and can still be used for its original purpose. 

swift warping board with diagram

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