Jan. 6th, 2011

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 I started weaving on a new rigid heddle loom I got for the holidays. My first project was a scarf, as recommended by everyone. 

This is the resulting scarf:
woven scarf 

And here is the background of the project

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Now I am attempting to form the 8" by 48" strip of woolly fabric into a bag. I have seen the Doni's Deli bag, bags from placemats, and come up with a theoretical diagram myself. But I am having a lot of trouble envisioning how it would work. There is not a really good way to just keep it as a scarf because the corriedale yarn is extremely harsh after weaving (not like corriedale is especially nice anyway. I have no idea why it got popular since it is the same price as something better. My opinion, obviously.)  I wrote a whole post talking about this, but I have interfacing, lining fabric, a sewing machine, and someone with sewing skills who can help me. (The sewing machine scares me.)

So, since no one else has posted anything here yet, let me say that I will gratefully accept any and all praise. I realize this is not the polished work of a professional weaver. I realize it's effing pink. But I think it came out completely awesome and it would be great to hear from people who agree with that.

However, if you have practical suggestions on either the weaving, the process of the weaving (which was horrid and so unenjoyable that I am considering selling my loom),  or on how to actually build a bag from a tiny piece of fabric.


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