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I noticed that there were not a lot of active groups for crafty hobbies here on Dreamwidth. Then I realized I couldn't tell where I should post about my hand-dyed, hand-spun, hand-knitted scarf, because all three of those things are different groups.

There needed to be a place where people could discuss what ideas for projects they have and get support or praise or even critique (though if you're wanting an honest evaluation, that should be specified).

Then I noticed that many of the yarn and fabric groups kept assuming only certain kinds of people were crafters. Maybe we should think of ourselves as "artisans" because the expectations are more varied? When I think of crafting, I think of making useful and practical things. Or perhaps only theoretically practical, like making macrame plant hangers! But what about the people who re-cane or reupholster chairs? What about the blacksmiths who make those wrought iron gates? What about the woodworker?

Have you built a dollhouse or a model ship? Could you make finger puppets? Do your friends and family get tired of looking at your quilt pictures because they don't sew and can't see the differences between projects? If you could make a crochet hook or use one, show us what you've done. If you've beaded a knitted shawl, we'd love to see that. Or the beads you made or the shawl you knit.

I come from the yarn side of creativity, but I don't believe everyone needs to love doing what I do in order to appreciate the creativity therein.


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